Our Company:
Roads to Recovery is a company established to support families in need of assistance when dealing with substance abuse disorders for a variety of individuals. We offer many different services, but our main focus is to assist families in dealing with the substance abuse and treatment needs of teenagers. We can assist the family in locating long-term rehabilitation centers around the city, state, and even country, depending on the needs of the adolescent. We also understand that teenagers may be somewhat reluctant and resistant to attend treatment; therefore, the bulk of our services provide the very important process of safely transporting your teenager to the treatment facility of your choosing. Our expertise in this area provides direct, safe, and expedient travel from your home or school to the selected treatment facility so that your teenager can begin his or her own Road to Recovery.

FullSizeRenderOur Mission Statement: Substance abuse is a pervasive social issue facing our country, which plagues individuals from various walks of life, and more specifically, is a growing problem attacking our youth. It is a problem that is unfortunately ignored or swept under the rug and begins to spiral out of control each day that it passes unaddressed. Our mission is to help struggling parents who have made the choice to address their teenager’s substance abuse problem and begin the healing process. We use an evidenced-based approach when dealing with our clients in an effort to maintain their safety, respect, and progress towards conquering their individual issues. We understand the great responsibility parents place in us by allowing our team to transport their teenager to a treatment center, we take this responsibility seriously, and we treat each of our clients as if they were our own children.